Math, Science, and Technology

The integrated math, science, and technology curriculum centers on essential skills and concepts to bridge students from the basic numeracy of elementary school to the more advanced thinking and problem solving necessary for success in high school.  The content strands focus on foundations in algebra and geometry, number sense, probability, data analysis and measurement in math across all grade levels.  In science, the earth sciences (oceanography, astronomy, geology, and ecology) are the focus in 6th grade, while in 7th grade students explore content in the life sciences with an emphasis on biology, and n the 8th grade, science content focuses on physical science, with strands in the nature of matter, laws of energy, matter, motion and forces, and energy transformation. Throughout their time at ACMS students use technology as a tool to explore math and science with a focus on developing foundational computing skills and greater ease with different types of technology and their use, including web design and animation.

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6th and 7th Grade Math, Science, and Technology

8th Grade Math, Science, and Technology