Performing and Visual Arts

Classes in the arts are designed to provide students with skills and ideas in a variety of artistic media and an appreciation for different styles of artistic expression.  Students in the 6th grade have performing arts as their artistic concentration.  Performing arts classes introduce students to basic theatre concepts and immerse students in different types of acting (monologue, plays, improvisation) as well as to various aspects of stage production.  In the 7th grade, students have a visual arts concentration.  These classes introduce students to techniques in drawing, collage, and other forms of expression.

8th grade students choose between different elective course options in the arts each term or elect to take a yearlong course in Spanish. These classes build upon the foundational skills developed in the 6th and 7th grades by giving students the opportunity to explore more sophisticated concepts and techniques.  In visual arts, this includes two- and three-dimensional art making methods and mixed media.  The performing arts classes range in focus from scene study to play production.

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Performing Arts

Visual Arts