Support Our School

Each year, ACMS receives an allotment from the Atlanta Public Schools to cover the school's
basic operating costs. However, as a charter school, our allotment does not include funding for facilities or maintenance, which means that a portion of the money that we would rather spend on materials, equipment, and people that directly benefit student learning ends up paying for building upkeep and repairs. So, in an effort to supplement our allotment, ACMS conducts an annual campaign each and every year to raise money to assist in paying for these costs so that we can budget the same amount of funds and resources to students as any other Atlanta Public School does. This year the goal of our annual campaign is to raise $10,000.

The Atlanta Charter Middle School, as a small charter school with limited resources, relies on giving of time, financial contributions, and help to create an enriching environment for students. Here are some ways you can help:


If you would like to make a financial contribution to the school, please contact Michelle Blackmon, ACMS Governing Board Chair, at . If you would like to donate an item that you think would be useful to the school, please contact Matt Underwood, ACMS Principal, at .


There are all sorts of ways to volunteer at ACMS—helping out on work days, assisting in the office, tutoring students, writing grants, and more. We have a number of short-term and long-term volunteer needs, so if you are interested or have specific skills you would like to offer, please email Matt Underwood, ACMS Principal, at .

Beome a member of the ACMS PTCA Today! Click HERE

Enroll in the Kroger "Earning and Learning" Program HERE

For current volunteer opportunities, please check the latest issue of the Courier.

Use an ACMS Partner

ACMS partners with various businesses in the Atlanta area in order to raise funds for the school. For more information stop by the school's office or email Maria Larson at .