Pascale Alcindor , MA Program Coordinator

Pascale is a Regional Manager for Children's Aid Society's (CAS) Carrera Programs. She is currently the Interim Program Coordinator for G-CAPP -Carrera programs at ACMS.

Pascale has held various teaching & administrative roles in private and alternative schools in NY & FL. With degrees in Human Development & Family Studies and in Management, Pascale has also created a variety of academic and youth development programs, including camp schools for young Haitian refugees at the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba.

Since joining CAS in 2002, Pascale launched & managed numerous Carrera programs in FL & GA. Pascale is thrilled to be working at ACMS on behalf of Dr. Carrera & in collaboration with G-CAPP.

Pascale was born in Haiti, grew up in NYC and now lives in Georgia with her husband and two young sons. She enjoys family, photography, reading and dancing. Although an avid meringue and Haitian konpa dancer, Pascale is just as happy doing the "hokie-pokie" with her boys.

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