Emily McKinley, Community Organizer

Ms. McKinley grew up and was educated in Metro-Atlanta.  She has over 15 years experience in community service programs. In her role as Community Organizer, Ms. McKinley maintains daily contact with the participants and parents, schedules home visits and parent meetings as needed, and maintains records and monthly reports

Previously, Ms. McKinley directed a comprehensive youth program and taught parenting classes at a local child development center.  Emily has received several certifications related to working with youth and their families in low-income communities.  . 

Ms. McKinley’s desire is to provide teens with the means to boost their self-esteem and not give in to peer pressure. Her goal in life is to help research, implement, and provide avenues that link young adults to a positive lifestyle.

While not at work, Ms. McKinley hosts a group of teens in her community to help them dea with issues communication issues related to sexuality, such as being able to speak to their parents openly or learning refusal and negotiation skills.  Ms. McKinley is also a member of her local PTA.

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