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How many WPM can you type?

The Impossible Quiz
The Impossible Quiz 2
The Impossible Quiz 3

Renaissance Place online benchmarking

Check your computer to make sure it has all the software installed.

NOTE: Math Facts in a Flash requires an extra plug-in to function.
If there is not a direct link to your installer below, consult the knowledge base for complete information.
Once the plug-in is installed (by an admin user) the browser will have to be restarted.
Getting started tips for Renaissance Place.

Some students may encounter problems logging in or after logging in. For "locked" students you will have to unlock them from your account. For "student is already logged in" errors, they will have wait 5 minutes and then log-in again.

ACMS Printers

Otherwise known as "Why isn't the printer working?"
These are only available inside the ACMS subnet (in the building)
Check the status and supplies level from the comfort of your web browser.

Well, that didn't work or you get a "client-error-not-authorized" message from the OS X gui.
Go Geek and connect to your local CUPS Print Server as an administrator, more powerful than above but less pretty.

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